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I spend time in your business and get to grips with the key issues. Instead of focusing on a typical management consulting report that is sometimes never read, I typically do key elements of the work that a management consultant would normally recommend. Results and profitability are my focus. Increased turnover and profits are the outcome. View My Services Below.

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Market Research

Here's a rule of thumb. Whenever a business lacks focus in researching and responding to its markets’ needs...

Financial Models

That’s right. It engages, it draws people in. Remember ‘The Matrix’, the simulated reality sci-fi movie? Interactive...

Business Growth

The problem is that business growth and development has to start from here. And the difficulty for business owners...

Workshops & Seminars

Workshops need to have a purpose. An earth-shattering objective? Hardly, and yet workshops, in many...

Marketing Plans

Understand your customer and your market, i.e. ‘market research’. If you have any doubts as to your market knowledge...


Words chart the course of humankind. “Houston; eh, we’ve had a problem”. How’s that for an understatement...

Business Plans

It's not that all planning is bad. It's that efforts to write the "perfect" business plan usually...

Advertising Photography

As a result I spent a decade chasing a dream. Italian Vogue, USA’s Harper’s Bazaar, and French Marie Claire...

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